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A Biped Without Feathers[1]

Where did you Buy this Body?[2]

A Percentage of his Body claimed as Tax[3]

A Rumor makes its way Around my Body[4]

Mortal Body – Nexus of your various Holds on the World[5]

Perhaps I am not a Man at all but only Pretend to have Arms and Legs and Head[6]

All her Body like a Pallace Fayre – Ascending up, with many a Stately Stayre[7]

I Point to my Body and Say Oh, this Old Thing? I just Slipped it on[8]

Bodies are Pools of Nothing Crude[9]

A Bleeding Piece of Clay[10]

Sleek with no Wasted Flesh[11]

A Wilderness of Human Flesh[12]

I Wear the present Itch for Flesh[13]

We’re all Imprisoned in the Castle of our Skins[14]

Let what is in the Flesh, O Muse – be brought to Mind[15]

Oh, that this too, too Solid Flesh will Melt, Thaw, and Resolve itself into a Dew[16]

They aren’t Naked enough – they are still Swaddled in Skin[17]

Flesh shapes Constellations over the Golden Breast[18]

Anguished Fumblings upon Flesh[19]

My Flesh Abides[20]

The Body is just a Bag of Rocks & Skin[21]

I’m a Skeleton Dancing around the Bio-Draperies[22]

Air Embraces my Body – and Instructs my Skeleton[23]

Flesh Hardens and Collects around the Skeleton to Protect what little it Contains[24]

Mere Skeletons, Draped Loosely in Draggled Hides, with Blazing Eyes and Slavered Frames[25]

Look at the Skeleton: the Father – the Brother – my Counterpart – my Self[26]

Our Backs tell Stories no Books have the Spine to Carry[27]

What is Bred in the Bone – will Never Out of the Flesh[28]

Love my Heart for an Hour – but my Bone for a Day[29]

The Spine is a Metaphor for Freedom[30]

What Dread Hand Forms thy Dread Feet?[31]

Loose and Gangling – all Legs and Feet and Wrists[32]

I am all Limbs – Attached to the idea of being Human[33]

The Hand Shaped right Tells you how to Shape the Feet[34]

Use Hand to Write me – use Feet to Convey you out of Town[35]

This is Me: this is my Hand, this is my Leg – I’m Real, I’m Solid, I’m Alive[36]

Her Arms Spread in Amazement as to where her Legs might’ve Gone[37]

Sinew and Limb beyond the Measure of Mortal Kind[38]

Our Heavy Limbs Twitch with Enchantment[39]

Limbs so Dear-Achieved[40]

Her Speaking Hand’s a Canvas[41]

All Stories are also the Stories of Hands[42]

Reach hither thy Finger – and Behold my Hands[43]

I find Nothing in my Hands but Unmoored Symbols[44]

Those things which you so Laughingly call Hands are in fact Two

Brown Butterflies Fluttering across the Pleasure they give my Body[45]

My Hands, now Indiscriminately Dangerous, now Vagabond and Prodigal, now Cruel

And Careless, now without Remorse or Forgiveness, now Reaching up with Longing,

Now Clasped in Prayers, now Feeling for Reassurance, now Pleading my Desires[46]

Only the Hand understands that it is a Larger Design that moves the Universe[47]

I take my Hands to show how Empty of Symbols they are[48]

See on Every Hand an Ample Plain[49]

Hands Hold their Vigil[50]

His Body can’t Keep up with what’s Inside[51]

A Person is a Tangle of Nerves and Veins and Relationships[52]

What Strange Turbulence lies Curled up inside their Bodies?[53]

Body, Small and Shrunken in on itself, is all Bones, Veins, Skin and Muscle[54]

Bones and Flesh, and Under-Currents & Flashes of Electricity in this Small Vessel[55]

Beneath the cover of Flesh, stretching Inward toward a Singular Point of Life-Sustaining Unlogic[56]

His Body thinks about it for him and Remembers it Precisely – in every Joint and Muscle[57]

Within the Immeasurable Palace of the Pure Energy Channels of my Body[58]

I am a man of Substance – of Flesh and Bone, Fiber and Liquids[59]

Just Parts made from Imperfect Materials: Sinew, Scar, Cells,

Fluid, Fat, and Heart – such is the Shape I take: my Body[60]

Inside me – a Hollow Chronicle of Blood[61]

There is no Wine like the Blood’s Crimson[62]

Your Veins are using up the Redness of the World[63]

The Corpuscles of his Blood, rather than he, Decide

Which Opinion he should Hold – and for How Long[64]

The Blood cannot Unknow the Turbulence it was Born into[65]

The Involuntary Circulation of the Blood is one Continuous process with the Shining Stars[66]

A Pantheistic Penetration into the Pulsating Flow of Blood

In Nature, in Trees, in Animals, and in the Atmosphere[67]

Blood is the Best of all Riches[68]

Bloodstream’s Hallelujah’s[69]

Blood is Rich in Stardust[70]

I know Every Cell of the Heart[71]

What Lyis on Heart I will nocht Hyd[72]

Her Heart Crowns the Walls of her Chest[73]

An Immaculate Heart – is already a Luxury[74]

The Heart you have come to think of as your own – Keeps Beating[75]

It is with the Heart that one Sees Rightly – what is Essential is Invisible to the Eye[76]

The Earth keeps some Vibration going there in your Heart and that is You[77]

Heart once Pregnant with Celestial Fire[78]

The Heart your Body Forms around[79]

Large is that Ether within the Heart[80]

Yarn Ball of Aching Tubes[81]

Whose Bodies don’t come with a Warranty[82]

A Body made Physical – by his having Breached it[83]

I have had enough of what my Body brings – and Wearied I turn Away[84]

Everyone that has a Body is an Heir to Suffering and a Stranger to Peace[85]

The Body at Best is a Bundle of Aches – longing for Rest it Cries when it Wakes[86]

My Body has been a Good Friend – but I won’t need it when I Reach the End[87]

The Body from which one is not to be Freed this side of Death[88]

Bodies are Heavy Furniture Coated with Dust-Time[89]

Our Bodies Remember their Internments[90]

Sometimes I Forget which Body I’m in[91]

Each a Jiggling Voyeur of its own Ardent Body[92]

Filled with Himself, right to the Edges – like a Swollen Pond[93]

A man Carved out of himself – so Wrought he Fills his given Space[94]

How much would this Body have had to be Otherwise in order Not to be Mine?[95]

A Body less and less Yours – a Body, God Knows, is not what Makes you anyway[96]

Every Man is the Builder of a Temple, called his Body … We are all Sculp-

Tors and Painters, and our Material is our own Flesh and Blood and Bones[97]

A Body Exits All Pages to be Inscribed on Another – itself[98]

Your Body will be of a Piece with All other Bodies[99]

The Body is only Mine Provisionally[100]

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