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A Leaf – Treeless[1]

Riven Deep by the Sharp Tongues of Axes[2]

I see Death in the Bare Trees – a Deprivation[3]

Impress the Forest: bid the Tree Unfix his Earth-Bound Root[4]

The Trees Ponder our Strange Doings … if our Resolve and Prayers are

Weak and Fail there will be Nothing left of their Slow and Innocent Wisdom[5]

The old Cherry Trees Dream of Centuries gone by and Tortured by Fearful Visions[6]

There are Wastes of Stump and Bramble where once there were Singing Groves[7]

Whole Forests were Downed as Timber for the King’s Palace[8]

The Forest Vocal even in its Somber Tread – Rages[9]

Extinct: what is a Tree?[10]

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