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A Scheme of the Universe in the Soul[1]

The Split-Second Flutter of Knowing visible in

Your Eyes as you see the Invisible Nuance of Soul[2]

Soul’s Superior Instants Occur to her Alone – when

Friend and Earth’s Occasion have Infinite Withdrawn[3]

The Deeds of Earth, however Etherealized by Piety or Genius, are

Without Value, except as Exercises and Manifestations of the Soul[4]

I will Listen, I will Learn – till my Soul is as Large as the Shining World[5]

Let there be Many Windows to your Soul – that All the Glory of the Universe may Beautify it[6]

Ah! from the Soul itself must issue forth a Light, a Glory, a fair Luminous Cloud

Enveloping the Earth – and from the Soul itself must there be sent a Sweet and

Potent Voice, of its own Birth, of all Sweet Sounds the Life and Element![7]

With Wide-Embracing Love thy Spirit Animates Eternal Years Pervades

And Broods Above, Changes, Sustains, Dissolves, Creates and Rears[8]

Stare into the Fire, Look at the Clouds – and when Ideas or Intuitions

Come to you and the Voices of your Soul start to Speak – Trust them[9]

In my Soule yet me thinketh I here the Blisful Soun[10]

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