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All – is the Price of All[1]

All 4,600 Million Years of Evolution: it’s Packed,

Sealed, Tagged, Valued, and Available off the Shelf[2]

You Buy your Life as a Series of Experiences to which you will Belong[3]

The Luxuriously Rich are not kept Comfortably Warm – but Unnaturally Hot[4]

The Contrast of Affluence and Wretchedness is like Dead and Living bodies Chained together[5]

There is only One Holistic System of Systems, one Vast and Immane, Interwoven, Interacting,

Multivariant, Multinational Dominion of Dollars – Currency determines the Totality of Life[6]

You say that Only Money Counts – well, then I will Bring you Money – but do not Ask

For the Beauty of Rose Leaves, nor the Colors of Dawn-Morning, nor a Flaming Love[7]

We Ignore the coming Doom of Gold and we are Glad in this Bright Metal Season[8]

We Compete with each other in a Scarcity-Based Economy that

Denies and Destroys the Abundant World we actually Live in[9]

The Poor do not Notice because the are too Poor and

The Rich do not Notice because they are too Rich[10]

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