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All That’s Mine I Carry With Me[1]

“What Reason have you to be Merry? You’re Poor Enough”

“What Reason have you to be Morose? You’re Rich Enough”[2]

They have Accumulated Dross … Forged their own Golden or Silver Fetters[3]

In Place of Old Wants we find New Wants, requiring Products from Distant Lands[4]

‘Tis Better to Live Secure in Poverty, than to be Consumed by the Cares Attendant upon Riches[5]

Abandon Possessions and Look for Life – Despise Worldly Goods and Save your Soul Alive[6]

The Sufficiency that comes from Knowing what is Enough is an Eternal Sufficiency[7]

‘Tis Little I could Care for Pearls – who Own the Ample Sea[8]

Poets have always Found More to Nourish them among their

Fables than many Rich men have among their Treasures[9]

You Pay, you get Ripped off – Free, you get it All[10]

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