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Be Loved – and Be Love[1]

Love is not Consolation – it is Light[2]

Love knows not of Death nor Calculus Above[3]

Love is Contraband in Hell because Love is Acid that Eats away Bars[4]

The Love that asks No Questions, the Love that stands the Test, that lays

Upon the altar the Dearest and the Best – the Love that Never Falters, the

Love that pays the Price, the Love that makes Undaunted the Final Sacrifice[5]

Love is Anterior to Life – Posterior to Death – Initial of Creation, and the Exponent of Earth[6]

Love is not Love which Alters when it Alteration finds, or bends with the Remover to Remove …

Love Alters not with his brief Hours and Weeks but Bears it out even to the Edge of Doom[7]

And in the End the Love you Take – is Equal to the Love you Make[8]

Love Seeketh not Itself to Please nor for itself hath any Care – but

For Another gives its Ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell’s Despair[9]

Love Moves the Sun and Other Stars[10]

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