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Bent and Dreaming Drinkers[1]

I Live by the Quaffing – Life Has Its Ale[2]

That which hath made them Drunk hath made me

Bold – what hath Quench’d them hath Given me Fire[3]

He Bears his Drinking better than Others Bear their Moderation[4]

Get the Red Wine ready for me to Celebrate my Return to the Ailing Earth[5]

The Plan was to Drink until the Pain Over – but What’s Worse, the Pain or the Hangover?[6]

There’s no Harm in him but the Drink – but there’s not much left of him but the Drink[7]

Bacchus must now his Power Resign – I am the only God of Wine![8]

Malt does more than Milton can to Justify God’s Way to Man[9]

Drink! for you not Know Whence you Came, nor Why –

Drink! for you Know not Why you Go, nor Where[10]

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