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Bind Us in Time[1]

Look at a Clock – and tell how Wrong it must be[2]

Keeping Time, Time, Time in a sort of Runic Rhyme[3]

The Strong Clocks justify the Splitting Hour, Hoarsely[4]

Who made Time Provided also its Fools Strapped in Watches[5]

When he measures his Laborious Nights with burning Candles, he has

No idea of Future Generations measuring their Idle Days with Watches[6]

The Clock a single Peering Eye – Lashed with Numerals[7]

I wait for the day to Unroll, for the Earth to Turn, Ac-

Cording to the Round Face of the Implacable Clock[8]

They have Watches – but we have the Time[9]

Waneth the Watch but the World Holdeth[10]

Time Shunts and Stalls[11]

Time: a Sea’s Chaos, Below[12]

Time Curves like a Pretzel through Nature[13]

It is our Inward Journey that Leads us through Time – For-

Ward or Back, Seldom in a Straight line, most often Spiraling[14]

Time – that thing that never stays up – Unravels – Collapses like a bank of Sand – is as

Multifaceted as Saline Crystals, as Ramified as a Coral Reef – as Porous as a Sponge[15]

Time had been Invented for the Mystification of no one but us[16]

I am here because I could Never get the Hang of Time[17]

Only Time (Whatever that may be) will Tell[18]

Time doth Work what no man Knoweth[19]

Time is Relative/or Irrelevant[20]

Time cannot but give Form to Suffering[21]

She sees Time like a Pulse – Shake Fierce[22]

A Tattered Shape in a Perilous Relationship with Time[23]

Time, as he Speeds on Invisible Wings, Disenamels and Withers earth’s Costliest things[24]

Words weigh the Least, Death weighs the Most, Time weighs Nothing at all – but I can’t Bear it[25]

The Clock says: “My Life is Cold and Colorless and Cruel”[26]

Time – the Sinister Glissando of years – Time Always[27]

Time becomes a Sentence and a Punishment[28]

We’re Captive on the Carousel of Time[29]

Marooned on a Patch of Time[30]

The Clocks go round Faster and Faster[31]

Time is when All things Grow up at Once[32]

She Gambols away her Lease of Spotted Hours[33]

Think of Time! Flying by with Irreparable Speed[34]

You Realize that Life goes Fast – it’s Hard to make the Good Time’s Last[35]

I’d Tell you what I don’t have Time for – but I don’t have Time[36]

Time, the Fluid World – Rushes Beneath him again[37]

O Time too Swift – O Swiftness never ceasing![38]

Makin’ Time – to Waste Time – to Feel Time[39]

As Time Speeds up Everything Flickers[40]

Passionate Obedience in Time[41]

I’m Building a Still to Slow Down the Time[42]

“Time Flies” – “To Me it’s been a Long Time”[43]

How Slowly does Sad Time his Feathers Move![44]

The Sands of Time move Slowly in the Hourglass of Life[45]

Spent – he must Wait the Slow Unalterable Forgiveness of Time[46]

Time, Slow Liquid – like a Black Highway in front of me[47]

Those who make a Close Study of Life believe that

Under the Surface is a Pillar of Motionless Time[48]

Time Crawls through the Cells of my Brain[49]

Time has Slowed to a Nauseating Crawl[50]

Wear Out the Clock[51]

Speak even Against Time[52]

Deprive Time of Further Hostages[53]

Who can Count the Time I’m Beating with my Hands?[54]

Squeeze the Pinched Neck of an Hourglass to Strangle Time[55]

Throw their Watches off the Roof – to Cast their Ballot for Eternity Outside of Time[56]

Time, which will Take us – we Take sometimes by the Tail[57]

People Advance the Hands of their Clocks – Thinking

That thereby they are Hastening the Passage of Time[58]

I’ll Exist when I Out Run Time[59]

Thou Matest Time[60]

The Clocks have Given Up[61]

Time’s going on Strike for Shorter Hours[62]

There are No Clocks on the Wall ­– and No Time[63]

Time is – Time was – but Time shall be No More[64]

The familiar Pendulum Swing is to Happen once more – and then Stop[65]

They say Time is Nothing – but it takes Saying it to make it So[66]

It’s not the End of Time – it is Scarcely Ten-Thirty![67]

“Done” say the Clocks – and give Alarm[68]

Time is Emptied – like a Single Ale[69]

Time gets Old – Echoes grow Faint[70]

Time Stoops to no man’s Lure[71]

Hear Time Rendering our Decisions Meaningless[72]

Time Wipes out Everything you ever Knew – it’s all Gone[73]

Do not Lose Time on daily Trivialities, do not Dwell on Petty De-

Tail – for all these things Melt away in the Obscure Traffic of Time[74]

This thing all things Devours: Birds, Beasts, Trees, Flowers – Gnaws Iron, Bites Steel,

Grinds hard Stones to Meal – Slays King, Ruins Town and Beats high Mountain down[75]

Stone-Cutters Fighting Time with Marble – you Fore-Defeated Challengers of Oblivion[76]

Whatever thing the Scythe of Time Mows down – Devour Unspared[77]

Nothing ‘gainst Time’s Scythe can make Defense[78]

The same Time that Spawns and Defeat us[79]

Time Crumbles All[80]

Time is Flesh – Instead of Clothing[81]

No Time is Passing Outside of you at All[82]

The Life of Every Man is in the Center of Time[83]

They are made In Time – and they are made Of Time[84]

Time Flows through us from its Source toward the Unguessed Waterfall[85]

Time is the School in which we Learn – Time is the Fire in which we Burn[86]

Time Splits its Husk, Pours its Riches over him, and from his Lips falls

Like Shells, Shavings from a plane – Hard, White, Imperishable, Words

Fly to attach themselves to their places in an Immortal Ode to Time[87]

Tear Open your Ribs – and Breath the Color of Time[88]

Time is Blood – Time Circulates through my Veins[89]

We breath Time as Fishes breathe Water[90]

Riverbank of Time: a Vantage Point belonging to Spirit[91]

Time is not to be Trifled with whether Considered as the Medium of

Advancement and Prosperity in this world or Preparation for the Next[92]

Every Being in the entire world is a Separate Time – in One Continuum[93]

Does the River also Teach you this Secret: that Time does not Exist?... the River is

Everywhere at Once, at its Source and at its Mouth, at the Waterfall, at the Ferry, at

The Rapids, in the Sea, in the Mountains, Everywhere at once, and only the Present Exists[94]

Time is Time, it does not Change, it does not Lend itself to Warnings or Explanations – it Simply Is[95]

Cares no more for the Measurement of Time than if it had been Merged into Eternity[96]

Time teaches him to Wail, to Blink, to Walk Alone, Stare, Question, Wonder,

Give the world a Name – Forget the Watery Darkness from whence he came[97]

The Splendours of the Firmament of Time may be Eclipsed, but are

Extinguished not – like Stars to their Appointed Height they Climb[98]

Time is a Ship on a Merciless Sea – Drifting toward an Abyss

Of Nothingness until it can be Recharted for its own Destiny[99]

What we have Done will not be Lost to all Eternity – Every-

Thing Ripens at its Time and becomes Fruit at its Hour[100]

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