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Celestial Navigation – Heaven Sailing[1]

Earths, Earths … Cosmic Orbital Show – and

Yet: Landlocked Horizons, Terrestrial, Terrestrial[2]

I Lost a World the other day, has anybody Found? You

Know it by the Row of Stars around its Forehead Bound[3]

My Existence Pre-Supposes the Existence of the whole Universe[4]

I am a Satellite Spinning away almost Lost Forever and Leaving No

Trace Floating through the Darkest Reaches of Space to another Galaxy[5]

Here we Are … Plummeting through a Universe that made us from Shattering and Dust[6]

Earthseed is all that Spreads Earthlife to New Earths – the Destiny of Earthseed is to take

Root among the Stars … we are Earthlife preparing to Fall away from the Parent World[7]

Star by Star, World by World, System by System shall be Crushed – but I shall Live[8]

You don’t know how the Universe Shines the Stars, Constellates the Constellations,

And Galactifies the Galaxies, but that Doesn’t Mean to say that you aren’t doing it,

In just the Same way as you’re Breathing without Knowing how you Breath[9]

We Fall through the Floor, through the Walls of the Building, through

The Earth, through the Oceans, through the Atmosphere, into Outer

Space, into the Gulfs between Stars – always Away, Away, Away[10]

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