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Cognition Sizzles[1]

My Head I’ll be Scratchin’ while my Thoughts are busy Hatchin’[2]

I listen scrupulously to the Reverberations of the Thought inside me[3]

Ideas Well up inside him like Life-Forms stirring in a Primordial Sea[4]

Somebody’s gotta Think of these things – apparently I’ve been Appointed[5]

I am a Living Thinking entity – who was created in the Sea of Information[6]

Like Lightning, a Thought flashes up, with Necessity – without Hesitation regarding its form[7]

He is a Tree, or a Rock, or at most an Animal, until he becomes Conscious – then,

Though, at the first Glimmer of this Consciousness: then he becomes Human[8]

To set your foot upon the First step, you must Rightfully be a Citizen of

The city of Ideas – and in that city it is Hard and Rare to be Naturalized[9]

An almost Imperceptible gesture, a flick of the Conscience,

To Go, to See – but I will be Wakeful: it is a Summons[10]

All our Thoughts are Misgiven[11]

I feel a Cleaving in my Mind as if my Brain has Split, I

Try to match it, Seam by Seam but cannot make them Fit[12]

Nothing seems worth this Radical, Forced leap into Consciousness[13]

There’s hardly any point in my Thinking, is there? What I think doesn’t Matter[14]

I carry Lopsided, Pumpkin-like Ideas in my head and heart, wishing for Proper Orange Roundness[15]

They say we use 10% of our Brains – but I’m convinced that’s a Gross Exaggeration[16]

My brain is now an Obsolete Storage drive without a Purpose[17]

One takes thought for Frail Tint and Spectral Glisten[18]

Thou Ill-Formed offspring of my Feeble Brain[19]

Mind: a Useless Appendage[20]

He is Lost in a Maze of Thoughts that are Ren-

Dered Vague by his Lack of words to Express them[21]

The Mind is a very Mysterious Organ about which Nothing

Whatever is Known, though we Depend upon it so Completely[22]

Our Brains Beguil’d, which Labouring for Invention, Bear Amiss[23]

The Traffic inside her Head stops believing in Traffic Lights – the

Result is Incessant Noise, a few bad Crashes, and eventually Gridlock[24]

A storm of Chaos and Confusion in her Head Great enough to Topple her over[25]

Live in Bondage to your Thoughts – and you will be Confused, Unclear[26]

Neurons get Mixed up, fire at the Wrong time – or take a Wrong turn[27]

We “Think Again” without knowing What or If we thought Before[28]

My Thoughts don’t fit the Man – they Never can they Never can[29]

Thoughts – Whither have ye led me? With what sweet Com-

Pulsion thus Transported to Forget what hither brought us?[30]

One Thinks: I must Break out of this Horrible Cy-

Cle, but doesn’t – it Continues through the thought[31]

Swirling Currents of Attention Eddy and Break off

And Drift about – to Disappear as new ones are Born[32]

A Gay and Motley train of Rhapsodical and Immethodical Thought[33]

It is a Thorny undertaking … to follow a movement so Wandering as

That of our own Mind, to Penetrate the Opaque depths of its Innermost

Folds, to pick out and Immobilize the innumerable flutterings that Agitate it[34]

No Thinking occurs along a perfectly Clear, Straight line leading From one

Point to another, to the next and then the next, until there is a Neat Conclusion[35]

The notion that there is a Thinker is just a Thought in the Stream of Thoughts –

Thought, Thought, Thought, Thinker, Thought, Thought, Thought, Thinker – and so on[36]

His Brain is Simmering and Bubbling within the Cracking Tenement of the Skull[37]

Thought Crashes over Thought in Random and Violent Succession[38]

Thinking is defined by the Incessant Alternation of Thoughts[39]

My Thoughts are Scattered and they’re Cloudy, they have

No Borders, no Boundaries – they Echo and they Swell[40]

Intolerable Neural Itch[41]

In the curious Naked Pain of the Thought[42]

With Clenched teeth, with tongue Pressing on palate,

Subdue, Crush, and Overpower the Mind by the Mind[43]

To Think is to be full of Sorrow and Leaden-Eyed Despairs[44]

An Electrical Thunderstorm Scatters Synapses across the surface of a great Brain[45]

He tries to be Aware, only to be Aware ­–­ but Awareness is Unendurable[46]

He has Time to Think – that is his Undoing[47]

Viper Thoughts that Coil around my Mind[48]

Tight-Drawn Noose of Thought[49]

Thought Breaks the Heart[50]

Members-Only Thought processes[51]

Among men who do not like the Tone of my Thoughts[52]

Mysterious Head – oh the Tormenting strangeness of our Ignorance

Of other minds – the Privileged Comfort of the Secrecy of our own![53]

Never Trust anything that can Think for itself if you can’t See where it Keeps its Brains[54]

There are Locked doors and Closed windows in your Mind – and Dark rooms behind them[55]

Look at what your Mind Constructs as coming from Elsewhere – not from Yourself[56]

I have a Mind myself and Recognize mind when I meet it in any Guise[57]

Because our Minds have No Boundaries – they are actually Joined[58]

I cannot Think your Thoughts will be much Different from mine[59]

With Inscrutable purpose, some hidden Prophetic Intent-

Ion – now first it seems my Thought begins to Span thee[60]

What we Pay Attention to Grows[61]

Neurons that Fire together – Wire together[62]

Being is slightly Corrupted by the Thinking that’s One-Upped it[63]

Your Mind will take the Shape of what you Frequently Hold in Thought[64]

By new Thoughts doth his Intention Change … in thinking, I Consume the Emprise[65]

That I Think is a quite Sufficient Explanation of myself and my Atmosphere[66]

Man, though High may be his station – is no Better than his Thoughts[67]

Know your True Measurements – and Dress your mind Accordingly[68]

Thought is less Crucial than the Perspective from which it Arises[69]

Thought is the Father to Deed[70]

Attention Attenuates[71]

Gleams of Half-Extinguished Thought[72]

Consciousness steps Out again for a Quick Breather[73]

In the Cold even my Thoughts have lost their Foliage

And appear all Alone – Dry and Narrow in the Flat air[74]

The Curtain Flaps in his brain … the Shutter Flickers in his brain[75]

To Imagine the Thoughtlessness of a Thoughtless thing is Useless[76]

My Brain Clears and the Black thoughts stirred up are Dispersed[77]

Cease thy Flight – O Heaven-born Mind![78]

Mind Whispers a Lost Landscape[79]

Mind lies Open and Desert[80]

One Thought Fills Immensity[81]

The Whole wide World we Traverse with our Thoughts[82]

Mind, like Space, is All-Embracing – it does not come into existence with

The Creation of our Body, nor does it Perish with its Disintegration – though

Invisible, it Suffuses our body, and every single act of Seeing, Hearing, Smell-

Ing, Speaking, or Moving the hands and legs – is simply the Activity of the Mind[83]

The agreeable After-Glow of Excitement when Thought lapses from Examination of a

Specific object into a Suffusive sense of its Connections with all the rest of our Existence[84]

Tense Creases of brow hold Thought in their Grip – Immense Brow matched by Thought Immense[85]

I Embrace in a Single Thought the World of things as they are and of things

As they could have Been – and I realize that a Single System includes All[86]

Thought has Thought itself through – and become a Pure Idea[87]

Thoughts of men are Widen’d with the process of the Suns[88]

Consciousness: the thing that is always Aware with

Or without a living Creature to share its Pleasures[89]

A Pulse in the Eternal Mind[90]

In the Celestial Palace of the Blazing Skull[91]

Illuminated within by the Force of his Thinking[92]

What Knowledge have we of Anything, save through our own Minds? All

Happenings are in the Mind – whatever happens in All minds, Truly Happens[93]

Ordinary Mind includes Eternal perceptions – Observe what’s vivid, notice what you

Notice, Catch yourself thinking, Vividness is self-selecting, First thought Best thought[94]

Follow your Genius Closely enough and it will not Fail to show you a Fresh Prospect every Hour[95]

Emancipate yourselves from Mental Slavery – none but ourselves can Free our Minds[96]

Whatever I Think, it keeps changing from Bright to Dark, from Clear to Colored:

Thus Before I begin to think and so After I stop – as if it is Real & I am Illusion[97]

Deep Inside he Glories that he has Raised his Thoughts to such a Lofty height[98]

Think Lovely Wonderful thoughts – and they Lift you up in the Air[99]

Consciousness Blooms like a dark drop of Ink[100]

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