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Dooms of Love[1]

I Love someone – and I Fail at it[2]

We Confuse Attention for Love – and so often it is Split[3]

Lovers in search of Illusions have to Betray the Truth of you[4]

Had thy Love, still Odiously Pretended, been, as it ought, Sincere, it

Would have Taught thee far other Reasonings, brought forth other Deeds[5]

It is not Hatred, it is a Love Unable to Express itself – I Love her in a Twisted manner[6]

Heaven is too much a Metaphor to be useful to a Lover Weeping for False Love[7]

A Lover’s a Liar, to Himself he Lies – the Truthful are Loveless[8]

I don’t like a Loved one who Only Loves with Words[9]

Well, Love – sure, Love, okay – Love – If[10]

You don’t Love me – you Want me to Love you[11]

All which I Take from thee I do but take Not for thy

Harms – but just that thou might’st Seek it in my arms[12]

He is Led by Love for Himself – you are only Expedient[13]

Love seeketh only Self to Please, to Bind Another to its Delight,

Joy in another’s Loss of Ease, and builds a Hell in Heaven’s Despite[14]

Our Loves are Not Given – but only Lent, at Compound Interest of cent per cent[15]

You can Spend all your Time making Money – you can spend all your Love making Time[16]

Unthrifty Loveliness – why dost thou Spend upon thy Self thy Beauty’s Legacy?[17]

Love is only and always about the Lover and Not the Beloved[18]

What Conscience, say, is it in thee, when I a Heart have One,

To Take away that Heart from me, and to Retain thy own[19]

When you Pluck my Heart out to find what makes it

Move, you Halt the clock that Syncopates our Love[20]

Everything you ever Love will Reject you or Die[21]

Is Love Stronger than Unlove? Only the Unloved know[22]

Love is such an Empty word, fancy Fleeting like a bird … Love

Comes not in his Despair – she only Smiles and Leaves him there[23]

Love, the very Center of their Being – is Choked off, Overgrown, Invisible[24]

The World is not a Pleasant place to be without someone to Hold and be Held by[25]

The Choicest Garb, the Sweetest Grace, are oft to Strangers shown – the Careless Mien,

The Frowning Face, are given to our Own ­– we Flatter those we Scarcely know, we Please

The Fleeting Guest – and deal full many a Thoughtless Blow to those who Love us Best[26]

I want you to Love me but your Love, it Never Comes –

All the other Love Around me is just Wasting all Away[27]

Whose Gaze Afeard on all things round doth Rove – and

Seeth only that it cannot see the meeting Eyes of Love[28]

Without your Love it’s a Honky Tonk Parade – without

Your Love it’s a Melody played in a Penny Arcade[29]

No Love for one so Loving[30]

With Love Stony Hearts will Bleed[31]

A Trick of Love Expression that is akin to Hurt[32]

That Painful Decaying Love is the only thing between you

And the Shrieking Nothingness you Live the rest of the day[33]

The Woman you Love is Afraid she is Hurting you – this is

The Source of her Fear: you are Afraid to say, I am Hurting[34]

Love Guards the Roses of thy Lips and flies about them like a

Bee – if I approach he forward Skips, and if I Kiss he Stingeth me[35]

Say what you will of Love – in what Refrain, but Knows the Heart, ‘tis but a Word for Pain[36]

He Cherishes the Sorrow and Suffering of Love – more than Joy and Happiness[37]

Love wants this and Pain wants that – where all our Hearts want Tit for Tat[38]

These Hurts are slight to those that Die by Love’s Despite[39]

Will they go on Aching still through Centuries of Nerve,

Enlightened to a Larger Pain in Contrast with the Love[40]

Even the Proudest Spirit can be Broken by Love[41]

The First Woman that Leaves him pushes him over a Cliff – at

Least that’s what it Feels like when he Lands two Months Later[42]

I tell my Love to Wreck it all – Cut out all the Ropes and let me Fall[43]

You must be a Masochistic Fool – because you know my Love is Cruel[44]

Like a Gale Smiting an oak on mountainous terrain, Eros, with a stroke, Shatters my brain[45]

If I were out of Love and Sequence I would turn the End of Love – its Death – Knife-

Like against myself to Cut off my Distinction and Rejoin the Commons, Maimed[46]

Though I Battle Blind, Memories Mar my Mind – Love is a Fate Resigned[47]

See the Love that’s there Sleeping while my Guitar gently Weeps[48]

I alone have seen Love in all its Horror and Unbounded Power[49]

The Man they Love is Smashed and Broken[50]

My Heart is as a Broken Fount[51]

I Never can contrive to set at Rest my Careworn Heart[52]

You’ve always had my Heart – you’ve got your Teeth on it[53]

If she Tears your Heart to Pieces – and as it gets Older and

Stronger, it will Tear Deeper – Love her, Love her, Love her![54]

We Fall not on our Knees, but on our Hearts – a Posture Humbler and far more Downcast[55]

You want a Heart? You don’t know how Lucky you are Not to Have one[56]

Has he such a Lumpish, Leaden, Aching thing in place of a Heart[57]

I can show you baby enough Love to Break your Heart Forever[58]

Sailing Heart-Ships through Broken Harbors[59]

The Floor lies Paved with Broken Hearts[60]

Love Slays some whom it Possesses[61]

If Real Love is Life – then we are Dead[62]

“What did he ever do to you that you Needed to

Kill him?” “I Loved him, that’s All, that’s Enough”[63]

If our Breath be as happily Fatal to ourselves as to All others –

Let us Join our lips in one Kiss of unutterable Hatred and so Die[64]

Thou art Love’s Victim – and must Die a Death more Mystical and High[65]

It’s a Dying Begun, not Lightly – the taking up of this Love whose Legacy is Death[66]

Each man Kills the thing he Loves, by each let this be Heard, some do it with a Bitter look,

Some with a Flattering word, the Coward does it with a Kiss, the Brave man with a Sword!

Some Kill their Love when they are Old – some Strangle with the hands of Lust, some

With the hands of Gold: the Kindest use a Knife, because the Dead so soon grow Cold[67]

Unless you can Die when the Dream is Past – oh Never call it Loving[68]

You have Slain Two Bodies with One Heart and Two

Hearts in One Body – and Two Souls are Lost by it[69]

Love has found a way to Live – by Dying[70]

I Never wanted to Unlove you like this[71]

Adieu, Love, Adieu Love, Untrue Love! Untrue Love, Untrue

Love, Adieu, Love! Your mind is Light, soon Lost for New Love[72]

Tonight the Light of Love is in your Eyes but will you Love me Tomorrow?[73]

You’ve got to Learn to Leave the Table when Love’s no longer being Served[74]

I Love my man, I’m a Liar if I say I Don’t – but I’ll Quit my Man, I’m a Liar if I say I Won’t[75]

The Ocean Separates and Sky Rips Apart – while I am Wandering in Wilderness of Heart[76]

The Torment of having the Loved one Go – the Guilt of being the Loved one Gone[77]

This is how you Love a Man – and if it doesn’t Work there are Other

Ways – and if they Don’t Work don’t Feel Bad about Giving Up[78]

Out of Love, no Regrets, though the Goodness be Wasted For-

Ever – out of Love, no Regrets, though the Return be Never[79]

Love may make me Leave Loving[80]

Love Kills Time – Time Kills Love[81]

Love’s Memory is Dark – the Dream Clouded[82]

The Heart Weary of its Grief Desires Forgetfulness[83]

Love that is Too Hot and Strong – Burneth soon to Waste[84]

Love, grown Faint and Fretful, with lips but half Regretful

Sighs, and with eyes Forgetful, Weeps that No Love Endures[85]

All my Cares, which Cruell Love collected hast Sumed in One, and Cancellèd for Aye[86]

She Never Loved me Truly – Love is Love for Evermore[87]

Love likes not the Falling Fruit nor the Withered Tree[88]

Love is like a Faucet, it turns On and Off – sometimes

When you think it’s On, it has turned Off and Gone[89]

Love Ends – Nothing has any Reasoning[90]

Perhaps our Hearts will have no Reader[91]

I think I am Linked invisibly to another’s Life – but

I find myself more Alone With him than Without him[92]

Who knows how Long I’ve Loved you, you know I Love you

Still, will I Wait a Lonely Lifetime? If you want me to – I Will[93]

Love Distracts from Loneliness – it doesn’t Crowd it from view[94]

Romance is the Ideal in one’s Life – and it is very Lonely Living with it Lost[95]

Bye bye Love – Bye bye Happiness – Hello Loneliness – I think I’m gonna Cry –

Bye bye Love – Bye bye Sweet Caress – Hello Emptiness – I feel like I could Die[96]

When you’re Alone, who cares for Starlight Skies? When you’re Alone, the Magic

Moonlight Dies – at the break of dawn there is No Sunrise, when your Lover is Gone[97]

My Heart Refuses to believe that Love is Dead – it cannot bear the Shud-

Der of the Loneliest Loneliness, and it forces me to speak as if I am Two[98]

The Fire that on my Bosom Preys is Lone as some Volcanic Isle[99]

It is all Useless – going on being in Love, going on Quarrel-

Ling, going on Making it Up – and he Wanders off Alone[100]

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