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Eternal Spirit of a Chainless Mind[1]

Dance out their Ordered Sentences to Freedom[2]

It is no more Possible to be Half Free than to be Half Alive[3]

This Freedom, this Liberty – Needful to man as Air, Usable as Water[4]

Liberty Relies upon itself, Invites no one, Promises Nothing, sits in Calm-

Ness and Light, is Positive and Composed, and knows no Discouragement[5]

To-day I Wear these Chains and am Here! To-morrow I shall be Fetterless – but Where?[6]

Not Freedom From Conditions – but Freedom to take a Stand toward the Conditions[7]

Come Liberty, thou Cheerful sound – Roll through my Ravished Ears

… Say ye unto Foul Oppression, Cease: ye Tyrants Rage no more[8]

The Wings of the Swallow tell me Freedom is not an Accident[9]

If I have Freedom in my Love and in my Soul am Free –

Angels alone, that Soar above, enjoy such Liberty[10]

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