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Fate Hangs on Every Wingflap[1]

I Flit – I Float – I Fleetly Flee I Fly[2]

She Stirs her Pinions and the Nest Forgets[3]

We Teach ourselves to Fly – to Tuck the Sky Beneath our Feet[4]

Dost thou thy Flight Pursue – when Freed from Matter’s Base Encumbering Weed?[5]

He Falls into Flight from the Broken Ground, with Strident Outcry Gathers Air under his Wings[6]

The Poet is not Afraid to Close her Eyes around every Winged thing she can Find[7]

Once she was Hand and now She is Wing, Once She was Dirt and now She is

Air, She was Food and now She is Bird, She was Lifted and now She is Gone[8]

Beating his Wings that span the whole width of the Ruined Town[9]

We on Pinions can Surpass the Wind[10]

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