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Feel the Everything-ness of Everything[1]

Instead of Quoting the Buddha – Be the Buddha[2]

Should you desire the Great Tranquility, prepare to Sweat White Beads[3]

The Way is Perfect like Vast Space where there’s No Lack and No Excess[4]

Body and Soul Divest themselves of all Weight and Share the Movements of a Greater,

Purer, Sunnier Life – Exalted and Absorbed by a Beyond, by Timelessness and Immutability[5]

A Voluptuous Surrender, Utterly Immersed in what is Present so that its Surroundings Fade away[6]

The Clouds above us Join and Separate – the Breeze in the Courtyard Leaves and

Returns – Life is like that so why not Relax? Who can stop us from Celebrating?[7]

This – the Immediate, Everyday, and Present Experience – is It:

The Entire and Ultimate Point for the Existence of a Universe[8]

Trouble’s Gonna Lose me – Worry Leave me Behind

And I’ll Stand up Proudly in a True Peace of Mind[9]

The Great thing is Not having a Mind[10]

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