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Flower of Goodlihead[1]

Out of her Bosum the Blosme Sprong[2]

Plum Blossoms Open the Early Spring[3]

Where the Bee Sucks, there Suck I – in the Cowslip’s Bell I Lie[4]

The Gracious Desire to Exist of the Flowers – my near Ecstasy at Existing among them[5]

Let Men – who cannot be Brothers to themselves – be Brothers to Mulleins and Daisies[6]

Make Obeisance to the Camellia now in Full Bloom, and Worship it[7]

Asters – on the Hill – their Everlasting Fashions set[8]

A Gardenia’s Breath can Revive a Homeland[9]

I Live and Die – ‘mongst Roses[10]

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