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Genuine Night Admits No Ray[1]

The Light, what of the Light? – Splintered, Died[2]

We cannot Read the Darkness: it is a Form of Madness[3]

Give it enough Shadow – give it as much as you Know to be

Parceled out between your Midnight and Midday and Midnight[4]

Day Looks their Shames upon, they Willfully themselves Exile

From Light – and must for aye Consort with Black-Browed Night[5]

Sparks, having Grazed their way into the Night – Surrender to it[6]

Lie Bathed in Shadow, Eclipsed at Midnight – Cleansed Pure[7]

From Dark Path to Dark Path we Wander in Darkness[8]

Our Darkness Breathes more Deeply in the Dark[9]

Against that Darkness – one is Bereft of Rights[10]

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