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Give a Pledge & Suffer for It[1]

See their Needs – and Act to Meet them[2]

Can I See Another’s Woe, and not be in Sorrow Too?

Can I See Another’s Grief and not Seek for Kind Relief?

Can I See a Falling Tear, and not Feel my Sorrows Share?[3]

We’d rather be Accountable for our Mistakes than Forgiven for Inaction[4]

Justice, to be Done, Demands some Practice on Whoever Comes in Any Way Bent to Her Hand[5]

The Choice: to Speak or Not to Speak, we Speak – those of whom we Speak have not that Choice[6]

The Suitable things you Don’t do give you a lot more Trouble than the Unsuitable things you Do

… If some kind of Suitable Sin you must be Pursuing – do it by Doing rather than by Not Doing[7]

The Hands of none of us are Clean if we Bend not our Energies to Righting these great Wrongs[8]

Those who Profess to favor Freedom and yet Depreciate

Agitation, are men who want Crops without Plowing[9]

To those who would Sleep through the Wounds they

Inflict on Others, I Offer Pain to help them Awaken[10]

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