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He Who Learns – Teaches[1]

She watches the Words of her Textbook Creep off the

Pages, over her Fingers, and Sink straight into her Skin[2]

Although the Teaching is Limitless – we Vow to Learn it All[3]

Embrace of a Quieter Knowledge – Unbound, Unbattered, Coextensive with Space[4]

Knowledge is Dark, Salt, Clear, Moving, Utterly Free – Drawn from the Cold Hard Mouth of

The World – Derived from the Rocky Breasts Forever – Flowing & Drawn, Flowing & Flown[5]

Increase of Knowledge – Augmentation of the Complexity and Intensity of the field of Intelligent

Life – Enrichment of Harmony and the Greater Glory of God – Curiosity, Adventure, Delight[6]

All that you Perceive, all that you Experience, all that is Given to you or Taken from

You, all that you Love or Hate, Need, or Fear will Teach you – if you will Learn[7]

Set out, First, to Learn, Secondly, to Learn, and Thirdly, to Learn, and then

See to it that Learning shall Not Remain a Dead Letter, or a Fashionable

Catch-Phrase, that Learning shall Really Become Part of our very Being[8]

Do not Read any more – Look! Do not look any more – Go![9]

Will you be a Reader, a Student merely – or a Seer?[10]

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