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Hear Wounded Earth Cry[1]

The Poetry of the Earth: it could Cease[2]

Gash’d Stabs – a Breach in Nature for Ruin’s Wasteful Entrance[3]

Isn’t the Earth our Mother – isn’t it we who have Brought this Terror upon her?[4]

We put the Mountains in the Valleys, the Oceans in the Deserts, and Pave the World Flat[5]

Every Day we make this Earth Less Alive – what is this Diminishment but Sin against God?[6]

It’s not from the Earth our Sickness comes – We know who the Enemy is[7]

Our Children ask “Why did you do Nothing as the World was Dy-

Ing?” … “It’s now the End of Everything,” our Children will Say[8]

We are at the Beginning of a Radical Depopulation of the Earth[9]

Nature will make the Revolution Despite us[10]

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