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Heaven-Kingdom’s Guardian[1]

God Preaches – a Noted Clergyman[2]

What is God? The Eternal One Life Underneath all the forms of Life[3]

In Contemplation of Created Things – by Steps we may Ascend to God[4]

The Soul can Split the Sky in Two and let the Face of God Shine through[5]

God is the Moving Energy of Life, of Nature, that Shows in Every Herb, in Every Creature,

Filling it with an Evolving Sense of Duty – God Moves through Us, and Uses us for Beauty[6]

Float into Creator Spirit’s deep Embrace knowing No Effort earns that All-Surrounding Grace[7]

We do not Worship God – we Perceive and Attend God – we Learn from God –

With Forethought and Work we Shape God – in the end, we Yield to God[8]

All things Bright and Beautiful, All Creatures Great and Small,

All things Wise and Wonderful – the Lord God Made them All[9]

All these Shreds: Fingerprints of God[10]

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