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I’m a Myth Proven True[1]

I make a Golden Age at my Whim[2]

My Foot-Stool Earth – My Canopy the Skies[3]

The Mountains Tremble at the Shock of my Passing[4]

I am Strong enough to Break the History of Mankind in Two[5]

He Commands the Lightning to come down to him out of the Heavens,

And it comes at his Call, and Serves him for a Plaything when it Comes[6]

Wielding Calmly and Humbly the Awful Power of which Angels and Saints stood in Reverence[7]

Whose Living Flame shall Pierce the Clouds and Banish Night ­– whose

Glow the Hurricanes Increase to Match the Gleams of Heaven’s Night[8]

I Split Galaxies – with a Single Breath[9]

I am King Giant Dragon Sun[10]

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