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I Am Enemy of Today’s Order[1]

Despite the Dead Dream – they see a Free Future[2]

Revolting Conditions Elicit Revolutionary Solutions[3]

I am Wiser than those of you who Fail to understand the Plot, more

Courageous than those who, though they See it, keep Silent out of Fear[4]

I Hate him that Oppresses me – I will either Destroy him, or he shall Release me[5]

Rise like Lions after Slumber, in Unvanquishable Number; Shake your Chains to

The Earth like Dew, which in Sleep had Fallen on you, Ye are Many They are Few[6]

In Revolutionary times the Limits of what’s Possible Expand a Thousandfold[7]

The Wings of the Swallow tell me Freedom is not an Accident[8]

Under Conditions of Terror, most people will Comply but

Some will Not – Humanly Speaking no more is Required[9]

The only way to deal with an Unfree World is to become

So Free that your very Existence is an Act of Rebellion[10]

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