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I Am, I Am, I Am – Still[1]

I’m. I’m. I’m. I’m. I’m. I’m.[2]

“Who Am I?” – “Who How? What Now?”[3]

His Deepest feeling is always one of Self-Deception[4]

That Woman joins a Search party – looking for Herself[5]

Though it seems that I Know that I Know, what I would like to

See is the I that Knows Me when I Know that I Know that I Know[6]

Whatever Comes from Being is Caught up in being, drunkenly Forgetting the way back[7]

Do you see yourself on the Material Plane of Observed Phenomena?[8]

Blink yourself – into thousands of Self-Seeing Eyes[9]

Before I Know myself – Seek not to Know me[10]

I, the Tower in no Man’s Land[11]

I: “My Master, Clear enough proceeds”[12]

The Choice we Think we have is called Ego[13]

You’re Egocentric – it’s your Defining Characteristic[14]

I have taken Birth as the Personification of Rampant Egohood[15]

I feel within me new Beings full of dexterity, Building a new Universe and Running it as well[16]

He says “I” and he, Alone, is that and nobody Else, nobody More[17]

The Dominance of the letter “I” and the Aridity, which

Like the Giant beech tree, it Casts within its Shade[18]

Deem yourself Inevitable and take Credit for it[19]

Painting Myself Opaque[20]

Is it Hard to make Arrangements with your Self?[21]

Tremble thus on the Exquisite edge of Self-Betrayal[22]

I am forever Afraid of performing my Identity Incorrectly[23]

All other Swindlers upon earth are nothing to the Self-Swindlers[24]

A Non-Man: something that knows Vaguely that it is Human but feels that it is not[25]

Shaky Autonomy of being a self, capable at times of Dividing into Proximate Agitated figures[26]

I’ve promised myself that I will not care about Things, Persons, or Myself,

But I do … my Objects, Loves, and Self interfere with my own Being[27]

Thou art become (O worst Imprisonment!) the Dungeon of Thyself[28]

To be present at this great Spectacle of Life and never

To be liberated from a Small Hungry Shivering Self[29]

The Burdens of the Self have never been Heavier[30]

Who are You among Men?[31]

Men are but Sorry Witnesses in their own Cause[32]

I present Myself to myself for Argument and Subject[33]

Although I Search myself – it’s always Someone Else I see[34]

I Try my best to Be just like I Am – but Everybody wants you to be just like Them[35]

If you understand others you are Smart, if you understand yourself you are Illuminated,

If you overcome others you are Powerful, if you overcome yourself you have Strength[36]

Better for my Lyre to be out of Tune – for most Men to Disagree and Contradict me –

Than that I, but One Man, should be in Contradiction and Out of Tune with Myself[37]

The Purpose of Life seems to be to Acquaint a Man with Himself[38]

Face Yourself – and do not be Satisfied with just any Answer[39]

Though I bear Record of Myself – yet my Record is True[40]

When he is Made – the Mold is Broke[41]

The only Voice to Call me in is my Own[42]

I have Pried up – Brushed off the Self in me[43]

Those are the Only terms anybody ever Knows: his Own[44]

My Universe is my Eyes and my Ears – anything else is Hearsay[45]

Find something Tangible that Binds you to who you Are at your Core[46]

Everything that happens stays Inside even if you can’t Remember[47]

The Poem about what In Ourselves we have to Live with[48]

I Find myself always Moored by Inner Anchors[49]

Each of us is to himself Indelible[50]

Identity is made of Select Experiences[51]

Pick your Favorite Feature – and Accentuate[52]

I may have been Made – but now I’m making Myself[53]

We are always Arriving at ourselves: I give Myself to my-

Self and the giving is a Revelation, is Destination, is Body[54]

If you really want to Escape the things that Harass you, what you’re

Needing is not to be in a different Place, but to be a Different Person[55]

I am Constructing a possible Self, a way to Be in the world, and am Off-

Ering that to others, whether I Intend to or not, as one Possible way to be[56]

Sure I have a Face and Voice to distinguish myself from others but my Thoughts

And Memories are Unique only to me, and I carry a sense of my own Destiny[57]

Personality is an Unbroken series of Successful Gestures[58]

The Individual is not constituted through Language alone –

It is Formed through real Practices that act on the Body[59]

Your Appearance is Residual Self-Image[60]

Who am I with my Various Selves?[61]

We tend to be narrow-minded about the Myriads

Of different things that go into Making Somebody[62]

May a man not have Several Voices as well as Two Complexions?[63]

Within each man lives a Great Multiplicity – Nobody is just One thing[64]

Many Wills inhabit me … Every one of the Tendencies within me has its Own will[65]

A Rupture with Identarian and Totalizing belonging, assured of itself in a Homogenous Whole[66]

We are all Patchwork, and so Shapeless and Diverse in Com-

Position, that each Bit, each Moment plays its Own game[67]

Self-Identify as one thing despite your certain Know-

Ledge that you are a Bit of This – and a Bit of That[68]

I am not Turning against myself ­– I am Multitudes[69]

The Bifurcations of a Self across Lifetimes[70]

I Unto My Selfe Alone will Sing[71]

The Call isn’t Out there at all – it’s Inside me[72]

The Name you are called by means Self-Reliance[73]

Self-School’d – Self-Scann’d – Self-Honour’d – Self-Secure[74]

Look well into Thyself: there is a source of Strength which will always Spring up[75]

Refuse the Old means of Measurement – rely instead on the Thrumming Wilderness of Self[76]

For what is a Man, what has he Got – if not Himself then he has Naught[77]

Self is the Refuge of Self – what else could be our Refuge? a

Well-Regulated Self becomes a Refuge such as few can find[78]

I’m not ready to Quit bein’ Free, and I’m not willing to Stop

Being Me – I’ve gotta sing My Song, why should I Belong?[79]

May I for my Own Self Song’s Truth reckon[80]

Self-Forgetting is one’s Goal – not Self-Absorption[81]

No need to wonder How or Where or Whether you are[82]

We are not Condemned to Sustained flights of Being – but

Are constantly Refreshed by little Holidays from ourselves[83]

To Study the Way is to Study the Self – to Study the Self is to Forget the Self[84]

We turn Inward and prove our True-Nature: that True-Self is No-Self, our own Self is No-Self[85]

One wishes to Feel the Dimensions of Being Outside the Dimensions of the Self[86]

The “I” is Extra, there is no You to say “I” – what we call “I” is

Just a Swinging Door which moves when we Inhale and Exhale[87]

Where I becomes Impossible – the Problem is no longer[88]

Let the Fortress of Egos, that huge Barricade, Crumble[89]

You’ve Lost Nothing but your Self-Conceit[90]

I – Selfless I – am Supreme[91]

Being is the Eternal, Ever-Present one Life beyond the

Myriad forms of Life that are subject to Birth and Death[92]

There is no Terminus – only Suitcases out of which the same Self Unfolds[93]

I Effuse Egoism and show it Underlying All – and I am the Bard of Personality[94]

The Infinite possibility, the Unlimited and Unqualified wholeness of being of the Uncommit-

Ted, the Nonacting, the Uncarved – the being who, being nothing but himself, is Everything[95]

The Person who has Sought for and Known the Self, obtains All Worlds and All Desires[96]

To Strengthen his own Selfhood by Surrender to Superhuman Destinies[97]

Power to be Finite Ceased before Identity was Leased[98]

To Know the Self is to Allow Everything[99]

I am the Outbreathing of this Ground[100]

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