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I Carry Your Heart (I Carry it in My Heart)[1]

Let me Hold your Heart like a Flower – lest it Bloom and Collapse[2]

I’d rather have the Want of you, the Rich, Elusive Taunt of you forever and for-

Ever and forever Unconfessed – than claim the Alien Comfort of any other Breast[3]

Love – thou art High – I cannot Climb thee – but, were it Two – who knows but We[4]

Lover’s Don’t Meet somewhere along the way – they’re In one another’s Souls all along[5]

Love is the Only way to Grasp another Human Being in the Innermost Core of one’s Personality[6]

Whatever Happens, those who have Learned to Love one Another have Made

Their Way to the Lasting World and will not Leave, Whatever Happens[7]

The Supreme Sight on the Black Earth – I say it is the one you Love[8]

There is No thing that Lasts, not one, when we have turned to Clay,

But this: You Love Me – all the rest Fades with the World Away[9]

How Do I Love Thee? Let me Count the Ways: I Love thee

To the Depth and Breadth and Height my Soul can Reach[10]

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