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I Unto My Selfe Alone will Sing[1]

May I for my Own Self Song’s Truth Reckon[2]

We tend to be Narrow-Minded about the Myriads

Of Different things that go into making Somebody[3]

Many Wills Inhabit Me … Every One of the Tendencies Within me has its Own Will[4]

A Rupture with Identarian and Totalizing Belonging, Assured of itself in a Homogenous Whole[5]

He who has Searched out the Self and Understands it, Obtains All Worlds and All Desires[6]

One wishes to Feel the Dimensions of Being Outside the Dimensions of the Self[7]

To Strengthen his own Selfhood by Surrender to Superhuman Destinies[8]

Power to be Finite Ceased before Identity was Leased[9]

Eternalists give it the Name Self[10]

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