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I Want Life – Not Games[1]

Life – How and What is it?[2]

I cannot Define my Life yet it is So[3]

I don’t Know who I am but Life is for Learning[4]

She feels Nothing at all – except the Faint Presence of Life Itself[5]

I want to Explain this Life to you – even if I have to become Someone Else to do it[6]

Life is a Sword that Cuts, but cannot cut Itself – an Eye that Sees, but cannot see Itself[7]

What is this Life she is supposed to Lead? What

Is this World she is Supposed to Lead it in?[8]

I am Alive – only by Accident[9]

In Life as a Strange Garment[10]

Content with your Dustcloud Life[11]

Our Lives No longer feel Ground under them[12]

They spend their Lives making Sacrifices to Objects

They Don’t Care for, to please people they Don’t Love[13]

Life in itself is Nothing – a Flight of Uncarpeted Stairs[14]

Life’s a Hollow Bubble – Just a Painted Piece of Twouble[15]

Is the kind of Life you lead really any Different to being Dead?[16]

One Imagines that an average Lifetime’s Experience

Isn’t enough to Learn how to Achieve anything[17]

Life is so Solitary – a Fragile Column Support-

Ing Nothing, amidst the Wreckage of Years[18]

My Life is an Equation that Zeros out[19]

“It’s Living” – “It’s a Waste of Life”[20]

The Bitter Lapse into Every Day Life[21]

My Life has become an Interminable Fall[22]

He tries to build a Breakwater of Order and Elegance

Against the Sordid tide of Life without him … Useless[23]

I Sleep and Dream that Life is Beauty – I Wake and find that Life is Duty[24]

They have more Grit – and go on Stupidly Living through Disease and Sorrow[25]

I Never shall or can be Comfortable – or Anything but Miserable – Un-

Less I can lead a very Different sort of Life from the life I lead Now[26]

“Be Alive,” they Say – when I’m So Alive I Ache with it[27]

Life goes on as it had Always Gone on – that is, Badly[28]

I find the Fullness of my Life Constantly Halved[29]

Yours is the Worst Life of all – so you Win[30]

What Seek you all under the Leaves of Life?[31]

Small Parcels of Life Hunched in upon themselves[32]

Do any Human Beings Realize their Life while they Live it?[33]

I have not been Happy enough, considering my Luck – have Listened too

Much to Noise, have been Inattentive to Wonders, have Lusted after Praise[34]

If we are unduly Absorbed in Improving our Lives we may Forget altogether to Live them[35]

To Wish for a Fuller, Happier Life than your Present one is Natural and Commendable – what

Is Not commendable is to Despise your Present state while Yearning for a more Exalted one[36]

If you knew what Life is Worth – you would look for yours on Earth[37]

Where do People go? Not after they Die, but when they are Alive[38]

Why do you Live, if you do not care to Live Well?[39]

The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living[40]

You have a Near-Life Experience[41]

The Urge to Carve a Life out of the Huge Expanse[42]

Life consists only of a few simple Signals and Decisions[43]

My Life has been nothing but a Process through which I

Am giving Concrete Form to the Dormant Image inside me[44]

Brimful of Hope’s Nectar – Untouched Stands the Goblet of Life[45]

The Life within may Lie Sleeping through many Long Years

And None can Foretell the Time in which it will Awake[46]

With what Life Makes of me and my Hands Make of it[47]

The Largest Quantity of anything is a Lifetime[48]

We stand with our Lives Uncarved before us[49]

We Create the Life Creating us[50]

May the Next Life be a Happy one[51]

It is the Life he wants that he Speaks to?[52]

You Hatch a Life – or you Pass Through one[53]

Me an Interloper from a Life Studded with Alternate Possibilities[54]

What if one were to Begin Life over Again, Knowing what one is A-

Bout! If One Life were only a Rough Sketch and the Second a Fair Copy[55]

Make of me someone I’m Not – make of this Experience the Beginning of a New Life[56]

My Life was once a Flag to me, and I Waved it and Behaved like I was Told ­–

My Life was once a Drag to me, and I Loudly and Proudly Lost Control[57]

Calm is how you will Live once you Discard the Desire for More lives[58]

I will Start Tomorrow the Essential Dismantling of what I Live[59]

Let me Not say Yes to Lives I don’t Want[60]

My Trade and my Art is Living[61]

I must Work, I must Eat, I must Art, I must Mother, I must

Friend, I must Listen, I must Observe, Constantly I must Live[62]

Dream Dreams – Wish Wishes – Live a Life Worth Reckoning[63]

To Know that which before us lies in Daily Life, is the Prime Wisdom:

What is more is Fume, or Emptiness, or fond Impertinence, and renders

Us in things that most concern Unpractised, Unprepared, and still to Seek[64]

My Life has been the Poem I would have Writ but I could not both Live and Utter it[65]

Here hath been Dawning another Blue Day: think wilt thou let it Slip Useless Away[66]

Life is not a Problem to Solve – but a Reality to Experience[67]

If you’re Asked at all, it will be How Many Days of your

Days you Lived, and how Hot your Passion has been[68]

Life – if it Answers at all – Replies from the Heart[69]

Live the Lives – Live them All[70]

This Dead Life on Loan and on Land[71]

He Reports his Avocation as: “Being Alive” – he

Reports his Principal Occupation as: “Being Dead”[72]

Our Life together, Winks like a piece of Glitter with a whole A-

Tomic Globe whirring inside it, then Vanishes like the Speck it is[73]

Thou Searchest round to find out Death – but Missest Life at hand[74]

Life – a Violent Burst of Light like Flint Struck Sharply in the Dark[75]

We are Alive or will Grasp, when the Future arrives, what it means to be Dead[76]

Life is getting into a Boat that’s about to Sail out to Sea and Sink[77]

Before the Beginning Unknown, After the End, Unknown – but

Floating, Stretching between, the Mind’s Harmonic Mappings[78]

Life Before and After, Death Beneath and Above … his

Life is a Watch or a Vision between a Sleep and a Sleep[79]

Womb to Tomb – Birth to Earth – Sperm to Worm[80]

Is Not Every Life – is not Every Work Lovely?[81]

I’m Glad to be Here – I’m Glad to be Anywhere[82]

You have a Human Body endowed with Freedom and

Favourable Opportunities, which is Difficult to Acquire[83]

Die while Alive and be Completely Dead – then do Whatever you will – All is Good[84]

You can Improve your life Situation ­– but you Cannot improve your Life – Life is Primary[85]

Diamond Life Love Boy – he moves through space with a Minimum Waste and a Maximum Joy[86]

I Like to Eat, Sleep, Drink and be in Love – I like to Work, Read, Learn and Understand Life[87]

A Whole Lifetime is too Short to bring out the Full Power, the Full Fla-

Vour – to Extract every ounce of Pleasure, every Shade of Meaning[88]

When you Arise in the Morning, Think of what a Precious Priv-

Ilege it is to be Alive, to Breathe, to Think, to Enjoy, to Love[89]

Live Well and live Broadly – you are Alive and

Living now, Now is the Envy of all of the Dead[90]

Think about how Big it is to be Alive right Now[91]

Beautiful Lives are those that Bless Silent Rivers of

Happiness, whose Hidden Fountains but Few may Guess[92]

My Limbs are Firm, and Strong, and Free – Life hath a Thousand Charms for me[93]

Life – like a Dome of Many-Coloured Glass – Stains the White Radiance of Eternity[94]

The Great and the Romantic is but the Ordinary and the Incidental in the Routine of Life[95]

Life is but One Long Caress of Gentle Words and Gentle Hands[96]

One Life of so much Consequence – yet I for it would

Pay – my Soul’s Entire Income – in Ceaseless Salary[97]

My Life is a Tapestry – of Rich and Royal Hue[98]

Life’s Leaden Metal into Gold Transmute[99]

Life is a Flowering – and we Blossom[100]

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