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In Meditation – I Am Becomes It Is[1]

Make a Place to Sit Down – Sit Down, Be Quiet[2]

When you Find the Place where you Are, Practice occurs[3]

Learn Something by being Nothing but the Rich Lens of Attention[4]

Most of your Problems will Disappear if you Sit still (Privately i.e. in Solitude)

One Hour per Day without going to Sleep (do not Speak, Hum or Whistle the While)[5]

The Point’s to move not Away from or To – but Constantly In the place where the Mind Centers[6]

Meditation is the Discovery that the Point of Life is Always Arrived at in the

Immediate Moment: Digging the Present – Grooving with the Eternal Now[7]

To Meditate is to bring the Body and Mind back to the Present

Moment so that you do not Miss you Appointment with Life[8]

We don’t Sit in Meditation to become Good Meditators –

We sit in Meditation so that we’ll become More Awake[9]

One Minute of Sitting – One Inch of Buddha[10]

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