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Incarnations of the Stars[1]

Count your Stars (Lucky or Not)[2]

I Envy Everything Outside the Window Except the

Stars – they are Too Hot, Too Far Away, and Dying[3]

Shake the yoke of Inauspicious Stars from this World-Wearied Flesh[4]

Why are we not more Amazed by the Constellations, All those Flung Stars

Held together by the thinnest Filaments of our Evolved, Image-making Brains[5]

Ah, Not to be Cut off, not through the Slightest Partition Shut out from the Law of the Stars[6]

Keep Looking back at the Star and the Stars Around it, until you Feel the Earth Turning,

Until you become Aware of how the Stars and the World and the Soul move Together[7]

My Body is Volatilized in its turn – and Mingled like an Imponderable

Atom with these Vast Vapours tracing Flaming Orbits through Infinity[8]

We are Stardust – Billion Year Old Carbon – We are Golden[9]

Like Sediment, Inch after Inch, we Rise Toward the Stars[10]

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