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Joy – Bright Spark of Divinity[1]

The Periodic Pleasure of Small Happenings is upon us[2]

Happiness is a like a Crystal, Fair and Exquisite and Clear,

Broken in a Million Pieces, Shattered, Scattered Far and Near[3]

That Specific, Constant, Clear-Sky, Unrelated-to-Anything, Never-

Shifting, Nameless and Changeless Perfection of my own Happiness[4]

When has Happiness ever required much Evidence to begin its Leaf-Green Breathing?[5]

Oh Happiness! Our Being’s End and Aim! Good, Pleasure, Ease, Content! Whate’er thy Name[6]

Happiness has to do with Reason, and only Reason Earns it – What I am given is the Thing

You can’t Earn and can’t Keep, and often don’t even Recognize at the Time – I mean Joy[7]

One who Knows it is Not the same as one who Loves it – and

One who Loves it is not the Same as one who takes Joy in it[8]

If All the Griefs I am to have would only Come Today,

I am so Happy I believe they’d Laugh and Run Away[9]

The Efflux of the Soul is Happiness[10]

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