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Kiss the Way a Flower Opens[1]

Hungry for Each Other’s Mouths[2]

Leave a Kiss but in the Cup – and I’ll not look for Wine[3]

The Sunlight Clasps the Earth, and the Moonbeams Kiss the

Sea – what are all these Kissings Worth, if thou Kiss not Me?[4]

Let Lips do what Hands do: they Pray – lest Faith turn to Despair[5]

For just One Kiss that your Lips have given in the Lost and Beautiful Past to

Me – I would gladly Barter my Hopes of Heaven and all the Bliss of Eternity[6]

He Kisses this Girl, and Forever Weds his Unutterable Visions to her Perishable Breath[7]

He Bruises her body with the Salty Spilling Kisses of his Sex – each Bruise blooms

With Pleasure – and that Pleasure Fills her with its Hot Dissolving Blossoms[8]

Sudden White-Hot Rapturous Pressure of Lip upon Lip – Being upon Being[9]

Only One Answer takes care of all our Questions *Kiss*[10]

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