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Leaden Birds[1]

Only one ship is seeing us, a Black-Sailed Unfa-

Miliar, Towing at her back a huge Birdless Silence[2]

I’ve found every Sparrow God has Forgotten to watch over[3]

He who shall Hurt the little Wren shall Never be Belovd by men[4]

The Birds are in Misery – I don’t think they Sing, they just Screech in Pain[5]

Sore must be the Storm ­– that could Abash the little Bird that kept so many Warm[6]

Birds with their Wings Clipped, like Flightless Birds, Wrecked Angels[7]

The Two Breathless Gannets found Covered in Oil are not Unlike you[8]

The Petrified Birds sit in their Petrified Nests and

Hatch their Petrified Young from Petrified Eggs[9]

Morning Without a single Bird to Sing about it[10]

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[5] Werner Herzog

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[10] C.S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy

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