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Life’s a Flowering – and We Blossom[1]

Think about how Big it is to be Alive right Now[2]

“Be Alive,” they Say – when I’m So Alive I Ache with it[3]

Dream Dreams – Wish Wishes – Live a Life Worth Reckoning[4]

Life – a Violent Burst of Light like Flint Struck Sharply in the Dark[5]

My Life has been the Poem I would have Writ but I could not both Live and Utter it[6]

If you knew what Life is Worth – you would look for yours on Earth[7]

When you Arise in the Morning, Think of what a Precious Priv-

Ilege it is to be Alive, to Breathe, to Think, to Enjoy, to Love[8]

Life is not a Problem to Solve – but a Reality to Experience[9]

One Life of so much Consequence – yet I for it would

Pay – my Soul’s Entire Income – in Ceaseless Salary[10]

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[5] Jamaica Kincaid, At the Bottom of the River

[6] Henry David Thoreau, ‘My life has been the poem I would have writ’

[7] Bob Marley, Get Up, Stand Up

[8] Marcus Aurelius

[9] Soren Kierkegaard, quoted by Alan Watts, The Psychology of Acceptance

[10] Emily Dickinson, One Life of So Much Consequence

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