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Love Bigger than a Cadillac[1]

They Pave Paradise – put up a Parking Lot[2]

Our Minds receive the Revolution of Engines, our

Will Stretches toward the Numb Endurance of Metal[3]

The Job of the Driver is very Fatle – his Family should

Be very Anshios because the Driver could easily be Dead[4]

What Terror would Enthrall the Street could Countenance Disclose[5]

Traffick is what they put For’ard – but it’s to do Harm to the Land an the Poor man in the Long Run[6]

Overpasses, Freeways, are for the Blind Staring with Glass Eyes, Speeding Unseeing[7]

I’d rather be a Forest than a Street – I’d rather Feel the Earth Beneath my Feet[8]

“Why do you Shoot on us?” – “For Exceeding the Speed Limit … Whatever

Speed a Motor-Car travels is too great – we’re Destroying all Motor-Cars”[9]

We Started on our Feet and we have Those Still[10]

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[9] Hermann Hesse tr. Basil Creighton, Steppenwolf

[10] J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

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