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Love Ennoble­s All[1]

Love and Need are One[2]

Love aims to Unite Two Displaced Persons[3]

I Live in Love-Longing for Seemliest of all things[4]

These Cuts I have, oh – they need Love to help them Heal[5]

The World is Large when its Weary Leagues Two Loving Hearts Divide[6]

It is simply the Longing of One Soul for Another[7]

Aching for him with the Whole of her Biology[8]

The Falling again from Loneliness into Love[9]

We Must Love One Another or Die[10]

Love First what you are Fitted to Love[11]

Now that Love’s the only thing that’s Free, we must

Take it where its Found – pretty soon it may be Costly[12]

He that would Eat of Love – must eat it where it Hangs[13]

Love Schedules its Appearances according to no Clock of ours[14]

Love, like Seed – does not Choose the Ground on which it Falls[15]

Against my Will, I fall in Love with her – and I am no longer able to Control the course of Events[16]

Love Grows up in the Fields like a Wild Iris – Unexpected[17]

The Heart has its Reasons that Reason Knows not of[18]

True Love lays no claim to Loving – it Loves Silent-

Ly, Spontaneously, like a Plant turning to the Sun[19]

Heaven has given me a Body Fit for Loving you[20]

Our small Hands Aching to be Held[21]

My Hand is Lonely for your Clasping[22]

Hold the Hand of someone you Love – Interlinked[23]

He Clasps the Woman Tightly and Feels his Separateness

Dissolve into Hers – the two Skins Confluent and Melting[24]

As though Pressure on the Palm of the hands effects a Transference of

Souls, as though the Interlinking of Fingers symbolizes every Intimacy[25]

Instead of Arms to Hold you I want Longer Limbs, Vines, to Wrap you Twofold, Threefold[26]

What’s left to learn is how to press Palm to Palm and Not Want more[27]

The Hands Clutch Together: a Perfect Fit[28]

Imparadised in One Another’s Arms[29]

Engraft Our Hands[30]

Let one Half of your Heart join one Half of Mine[31]

We Interchange our Hairtis – in others Armis Soft[32]

Our Hearts Collide – can’t Escape the Magnetic Side[33]

Let me Hold your Heart like a Flower – lest it Bloom and Collapse[34]

I am content to live Divided, but with Half a Heart – till we shall meet and Never Part[35]

Thyself: my own self’s Better part – mine eye’s Clear Eye – my dear heart’s Dearer Heart[36]

My True love hath my Heart, and I have his – by just Exchange one for another given[37]

We Share the Inward Fragrance of each other’s Heart[38]

Heart Beats against Heart in their Passionate Fold[39]

I Call Home the Heart you Give me![40]

With the Whole World Crumbling – We pick this time to Fall in Love[41]

Love is the force that Transforms – and Improves the Soul of the world[42]

Love makes the Hardships that you have Suffered seem of No Importance[43]

Though Love and all his Pleasures are but Toys – they Shorten Tedious nights[44]

Romantic Love – the Last Illusion – keeps us Alive until the Revolutions come[45]

The Mist, if it comes, and the Weeping Rain – will be Changed by the Love into Sunshine again[46]

Love is a Rainbow that appears when Heaven’s Sunshine lights Earth’s Tears …

O Dark Life’s Stormy Sky would seem, if Love’s clear Rainbow did not Gleam[47]

Love is Contraband in Hell because Love is Acid that Eats away Bars[48]

Love Seeketh not Itself to Please nor for itself hath any Care – but

For Another gives its Ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell’s Despair[49]

The True Revolutionary is Guided by a great feeling of Love …

A People without Hatred can Vanquish a Brutal Enemy[50]

Love is not Consolation – it is Light[51]

All of me – Material and Spiritual, all my Substance,

All my Humours – are composed of the Ecstasy of Love[52]

Love is a Disposition of the Heart which Radiates on all sides like Light[53]

We’re Jamming to Love – Major Love, Minor Love – Jamming to a Crescendo[54]

Love like a Madman, Shaking, Blind – till Self is Burnt into a kind Possession of another Mind[55]

The Rest be works of Nature’s Wonderment: but This the work of Heart’s Astonishment[56]

Purified and Molten by the Fire of your Love – I flow together to Merge into you[57]

Measureless Ocean of Love Within – Freely Pours forth[58]

Electric Love Penetrates the Sky[59]

The Planet of Love is on High[60]

Faith in Eternal Love is Love’s Indulgence[61]

Love, Pure and True – is to the Soul a Sweet, Immortal Dew[62]

Love is a Song that Never Ends, one simple Theme Repeating –

Like the voice of a Heavenly Choir, Love’s Sweet Music flows on[63]

Life has Given Love a Guarantee to last through Forever and Another Day[64]

Let her Bear away her Love for you to the Undying Lands where it will be Evergreen[65]

Love is Anterior to Life – Posterior to Death – Initial of Creation, and the Exponent of Earth[66]

Whatever Happens, those who have Learned to Love one Another have Made

Their Way to the Lasting World and will not Leave, Whatever Happens[67]

There is No thing that Lasts, not one, when we have turned to Clay,

But this: You Love Me – all the rest Fades with the World Away[68]

We shall be Lovers – when the Last Door Shuts[69]

Love knows not of Death nor Calculus Above[70]

Love Exceeds Reward[71]

Your Love is King – Crown you in my Heart[72]

Love recognizes no Barriers … it Jumps Hurdles, Leaps

Fences, Penetrates Walls to Arrive at its Destination of Hope[73]

The Love that asks No Questions, the Love that stands the Test, that lays

Upon the altar the Dearest and the Best – the Love that Never Falters, the

Love that pays the Price, the Love that makes Undaunted the Final Sacrifice[74]

The Foundational Principle of the World, of all the Worlds – is what we Call Love[75]

A Lighter Sin or Lesser Error might change through Hope or Fear Divine – but

There is No Fear, and Hell has No Terror, to Change or Alter a Love like Mine[76]

The Supreme Sight on the Black Earth – I say it is the one you Love[77]

I Love her against Reason, against Promise, against Peace, against

Hope, against Happiness – against all Discouragement that can be[78]

Love – thou art Absolute, sole Lord of Life and Death[79]

Love Moves the Sun and Other Stars[80]

Give Love – and Love to your Life will Flow[81]

If you Love someone, you Love them, and when you

Have Nothing else to Give – you still Give them Love[82]

To Give a Love, you gotta Live a Love – to live a love, you gotta be Part Of[83]

A Heart is not Judged by how much you Love ­– but by how much you are Loved by Others[84]

Get up every morning with a Smile on your face and show the world the Love in your Heart[85]

And in the End the Love you Take – is Equal to the Love you Make[86]

Two Souls Unite – and we must count our Life from thence – when

You Love Me and I Love You, then both of us are Born Anew[87]

Love Gathers into itself – Rounding back to its Source[88]

There is no Remedy for Love – but to Love more[89]

Be Loved – and Be Love[90]

You have the Love of Humanity in your Hearts[91]

I will Establish the Institution of the Dear Love of Comrades[92]

I Love them All and they All Love Me – and that is the Secret[93]

In some Not too Distant Future, the Radiant Stars of Love and Brother-

Hood will Shine over our Great Nation with all their Scintillating Beauty[94]

The World is full of Bodies – it’s a Happy Thing and they should All be Loved[95]

What is Love? to feel the Presence of the One Life Deep within yourself and within All Creatures[96]

The capacity for Love, in its first Youth, embraces not only Both Sexes, but all and Everything, Sen-

Suous and Spiritual, and endows all things with a Spell of Love and a Fairy-like ease of Transfor-

Mation such as in later years comes again only to a Chosen few and to Poets, and to them Rarely[97]

What if the Mightiest word is Love? Love Beyond Marital,

Filial, National – Love that casts a Widening pool of Light[98]

We must Love more Persons, Places, and Things with Deep-

Er and more Various Feelings than we Know at Present[99]

That ye Love One Another – as I have Loved you[100]

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