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Love Those Who Are Hardest to Love[1]

Find beneath the Scorn a Maze of Need[2]

When someone Hurts you, don’t turn Inward,

Turn to that Person – they’re Hurting themselves[3]

Impossible Men – Outlawed drum of their Hearts – Punishable

Dance of their Breath – our Loving them is the Forbidden Religion[4]

Love your Enemies – Bless them that Curse you – do good form them that

Hate you – and Pray for them which Despitefully Use you and Persecute you[5]

Although Love prefers to dwell in Gay Palaces and Voluptuous Bedchambers more that in Poor

Huts, for all that, he sometimes makes his Powers Felt in Dense Forests, on Rugged Mountains,

And in Desert Caves – from which you’ll be able to see that Everything is subject to its Power[6]

The Only way to Triumph over Hate and Destruction is to Not Hate and to Not Destroy[7]

Gather up in the Arms of your Love those who expect No Love from Above[8]

For the Benefit of the Flower we Water the Thorns too[9]

Steal Love’s Sweet Bait form Fearful Hooks[10]

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