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Make a Poet Black and Bid Him Sing![1]

Africans Bruise and Break themselves against their

Bars in the interest of Freedoms Wider than their own[2]

His Favorite subject is a Brown Hand Clasping a Black one[3]

The American Negro has the Great Advantage of having never Believed

The Collection of Myths to which White Americans Cling: that their Ancestors

Were Freedom-Loving Heroes – that they were Born in the Greatest Country the

World Has ever Seen – or that Americans are Invincible in Battle and Wise in Peace[4]

Society has no right to Bargain with the Negro for the Freedom which Inherently Belongs to him[5]

I am the Dark Girl who Crosses the Wide Sea – carrying my Body in the Sea of the Free[6]

The Bourgeoisie is Fearful of the Negro Woman – and for Good Reasons[7]

She is not so Afraid at Night because she is the Color of it[8]

BLACK is an Open Umbrella – I’m Black and A Black

Forever – I am A Black – and I Capitalize my Name[9]

Simple Justice is the Right of Every Race[10]

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