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Merits Are Stamped Upon One Indelibly[1]

Integrity is the Site in which Intention and Action

Are as One, in Unison, Seamless, without abrasion[2]

Allow the Best to be Shown so that it Reveals and Prevails over the Worst[3]

I Focus on those who are Good and Seek to Emulate them, and Focus on those

Who are Bad in order to be Reminded of what needs to be Changed within myself[4]

Purify that Inward Sphere, and the Many Shapes of Evil that Haunt the Outward, and which now

Seem Almost our only Realities, will Turn to Shadowy Phantoms and Vanish of their Own Accord[5]

Never Stop Sculpting your own Statue, until the Godlike Splendor of Virtue Shines Forth to you[6]

Draw Lines through the Length and Breadth of the Aggregate of a Man’s

Particular Daily Behaviors and Waves of Life into his Coves and Inlets,

And Where they Intersect will be the Height or Depth of his Character[7]

A Pledge made Without Words – but with the Body[8]

True Virtue does Not Act and has No Intentions[9]

The Good person will in Time be Gorgeous[10]

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