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No Love for One So Loving[1]

When you Pluck my Heart out to find what makes it

Move – you Halt the clock that Syncopates our Love[2]

Love, grown Faint and Fretful, with lips but half Regretful

Sighs, and with eyes Forgetful, Weeps that No Love Endures[3]

Love seeketh only Self to Please, to Bind Another to its Delight,

Joy in another’s Loss of Ease, and builds a Hell in Heaven’s Despite[4]

Heaven is too much a Metaphor to be useful to a Lover Weeping for False Love[5]

If I were out of Love and Sequence I would turn the End of Love – its Death – Knife-

Like against myself to Cut off my Distinction and Rejoin the Commons, Maimed[6]

I tell my Love to Wreck it all – Cut out all the Ropes and let me Fall[7]

If our Breath be as Happily Fatal to ourselves as to All others –

Let’s join our lips in one Kiss of unutterable Hatred and so Die[8]

Will they go on Aching still through Centuries of Nerve –

Enlightened to a Larger Pain, in Contrast with the Love[9]

Is Love Stronger than Unlove? Only the Unloved know[10]

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