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Now Reigns Full-Orbed the Moon[1]

Moon Surpasses the Stars Surrounding her[2]

I Adorn the Face of each Moon with Expressions[3]

If the Moon Smiles, she Resembles You – you leave the

same Impression of something Beautiful, but Annihilating[4]

The Moon Shines through its Skeleton of Rafters that Loom

Against the Night – a Luminous Heart in an Angular Ribcage[5]

The Moon, methinks, looks with a Wat’ry Eye, and when she Weeps, Weeps every Little Flower[6]

We Defy our Ages – and Gaze much Longer at the Last Sky before Moonset[7]

He Fastens the Moon with a safety Pin to give her Perpetual Light[8]

The Thief Left it Behind – the Moon at the Window[9]

We Carry chunks of the Moon to Light the Tunnels

Through the Darkness between Constellations[10]

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