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Orbit the Sun Inside You[1]

His Self and the Poem are One – and his poems, although

The makings of his Self, are no less the makings of the Sun[2]

Help me to Shatter this Darkness – to Smash this Night – to

Break this Shadow into a Thousand Whirling Dreams of Sun[3]

Hail Sun – Behold our Festal Garments – the Fire in Our Words[4]

The Orb of the Earth is Lighted Brighter and Brighter as it Turns until at last there is

A particular Moment when the Eye Sees the Sun and so when the Soul Perceives God[5]

She Dies – and when Breath is Done – takes up her Simple Wardrobe and Starts for the Sun[6]

My Soul – you are in the Ether with all the other Scattershot Suns[7]

We, Travelers, Walking to the Sun, can’t See Ahead, but looking

Back the very Light that Blinded us Shows us the way we Came[8]

The Sun will Never – Save within himself – See the Night, for

The Blackness he Spurts out Curdles to Light all around him[9]

They are the Sun and their Bodies Shine and Burn like Stars[10]

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