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Past and Future: One Continuous Present[1]

Having Misplaced the Past[2]

Lost on a Yesterday of Ages Ago[3]

Much that once was is Lost – for None that now live Remember it[4]

Everything Fades into Mist: the Past is Erased – the erasure is Forgotten[5]

The Past is Veiled, Endlessly Far, endlessly Remote, endlessly Indifferent[6]

Having the immediate Past Erased may indeed make it more Com-

Fortable for most people to get through this Thing, Whatever it Is[7]

Those who Cannot Remember the Past are Doomed to Repeat it[8]

The World I knew is Gone and getting More Gone[9]

The Past: the Dark Unfathom’d Retrospect[10]

Victim of my Past Behavior[11]

I must Carry: the Entire Past[12]

What we Laughingly Call the Past[13]

Don’t let the Past Remind us of what we are Not Now[14]

The Myriad Past, it Enters us and Disappears except that Within it some-

Where, like Diamonds – exist the Fragments that Refuse to be Consumed[15]

A Black Ribbon of Print on the Page – Permeable – through which Flows my Whole Past[16]

Those who cannot Forget the Past are Destined to Remix it[17]

The Fierce, Turbulent, utterly Unbearable Hurricane

Of Past actions Swirls behind you – Drives you on[18]

Change the Past into your own, Better Likeness[19]

The Past Undetonated[20]

Look Back – there is Always the Past[21]

A Past as Familiar to us as its own Invention[22]

All is now Secure and Fast – not the Gods can Shake the Past[23]

It’s Already Happened – it doesn’t matter Who made the First Move[24]

The Past is one thing we aren’t Prisoners of – what we can’t Change are its Consequences[25]

The Door to the Past is a Strange door: it Swings open and things Pass through it, but in One

Direction only – No man can Return across that Threshold, although he can look down still[26]

Deep in my Past is a Thirst that at best is Perceivable – and at worst Insatiable[27]

It’s easy to get Lost in the Past when you try to make a Good thing Last[28]

I find the way Back to each Golden Yesterday[29]

It seems like Yesterday will Never Come[30]

Better this Present – than a Past like That[31]

You only Appreciate the Present when it is the Past[32]

Time that Was Continues to Tick Inside the Time that Is[33]

The Past Remembers itself – in the Presence of the Present[34]

Time is never a Line but a Field – and you Occur Alongside the Past[35]

Take a Hard, Honest Look at the Past – while Standing at the Crossroads of the Present[36]

Saturated in a Moment that is as Full of the Present as it is of the Past[37]

Sing a Song full of the Faith that the Dark Past has Taught us

Sing a Song full of the Hope that the Present has Brought us[38]

That which Is and that which Was Apart, Intrinsic, Stand –

And this Brief Tragedy of Flesh – is Shifted like Sand[39]

The Past’s Ablution is the Present’s Resolution[40]

In Passing’s Present Tense[41]

The Present becomes a Moving Stillness – an Eternal

Stream from which neither I nor Anything can Deviate[42]

Love flows from the Receptivity of Presence – Aliveness and Creativity Flower when we

Inhabit the Openness of Presence – all that we Cherish is already Here, Sourced in Presence[43]

The Present Lands on me with so many different Aspects I cannot establish any Succession –

Splitting myself into as many myselves as there are Bits of the Present that are Dumped on me[44]

The Secret is here in the Present – if you pay Attention to the Present, you can Improve upon it[45]

Consciousness Darts back and forth in time like a Weaver and can Occupy, when busy

With its Mysterious Self-Formings and Self-Gatherings, a very large Specious Present[46]

It’s Today that Counts and not Tomorrow – and the flow of Time Pauses Briefly[47]

There is no Hand may Stop the Sand from Flowing fast away, but

His who Turns the whole Glass down and Dreams ‘tis All Today[48]

All that thou canst call thine Own lies in the Word “Today!”[49]

Time is Different Here – here it is Always Year One[50]

Sharper Tongued than Yesterday – than Tomorrow[51]

Any Confident Sense of what Happened Formerly is

Now Meshed with Caution about what might come Next[52]

Out of the Narrowness of Yesterday – some Bleak Projected Tomorrow[53]

The Days of our Future stand before us like a row of little Lighted Candles: Golden,

Warm, and Lively little Candles – the days Gone by remain behind us: a Mournful line

Of Burnt-out Candles, the nearest ones are still Smoking Cold Candles, Melted and Bent[54]

The Fictitious Future will have Belonged to an Unequivocal Grammar of the Historian of the Past[55]

This is a Fracture Across Time and Place – where Past and Future Hold Each Other’s Gaze[56]

I am Bound to all that is Past and all that Shall Be – to all that is Lost and leave No Trace[57]

Yesterday would Surprise her if she Heard of it – as Tomorrow will when she Does[58]

The Past has no final Jurisdiction over how the Future might Unfold[59]

Something is always Approaching, every day, Till then we say …

It’s no sooner Present than it turns Past – Right to the Last[60]

Today is always Gone Tomorrow[61]

Who has ever lived in the Present when there’s

So much of the Future to Continue Without us?[62]

Thy Letters have Transported me beyond this Igno-

Rant Present – and I feel now the Future in the Instant[63]

Now is the Only Time – how we Relate to it Creates the

Future – the Future is the Result of what we do right Now[64]

That the Future is Unknowable is, God’s Means of Suturing us in, or to – the Present Moment[65]

The Future, Good or Ill, is not Forgotten – but Ceases to have any power over the Present[66]

We give the Future to the Winds – and Slumber Tranquilly on the Present[67]

Look beyond the Shadowy scope of Time and – Living once

And for all in Eternity, find the Perfect Future in the Present[68]

Everything that Happens is from Now On[69]

Of Shall or Ought to be – in Is[70]

Difficult to See: Always in Motion is the Future[71]

Isn’t a Life also Made of the Future you Imagine?[72]

“Take a Peep into the Future” – and they all give them-

Selves the Twist that makes Peeps into the Future easier[73]

He can See a little of the Future – as through a Glass Darkly[74]

Trying to Outstare the Distance of what the Days must Come to[75]

The Gods Perceive Future events – Men what is happening Now – but Wise men Approaching things[76]

I go to the Newspapers with my Prophesies – but they don’t Print ‘em[77]

Through my Lips to Unawakened Earth – the Trumpet of a Prophecy![78]

My Body Invents Words – and Swells with Prophesies[79]

I don’t Dream in Languages – only in Prophesies[80]

I Call All Times Soon[81]

Each Time they Part, they Extract only One Small

Promise from each other: Tomorrow? – Tomorrow[82]

The Orgastic Future Year by Year Recedes before us –

To-Morrow we will Run Faster – Stretch our Arms Further[83]

He does not Calculate the Price of being Hauled into a Better Future[84]

Take no thought for the Morrow – for the Morrow shall take thought for things itself[85]

The Fact that you move so Beautifully more or less takes care of Futurism[86]

The Solution: Problematic – at any rate Far off in the Future[87]

The Future doesn’t Proceed along a Single Course[88]

We Shape Tomorrow towards Abundance[89]

A Free and Whirling Future[90]

We Mask our Past in the Green of Eden, Pretend Future’s

Shining Fruit can Sprout from the Navel of this Present Waste[91]

The Present only Toucheth thee – but Och! I Backward Cast my E’e,

On Prospects Drear! An’ Forward, tho’ I canna see, I Guess an’ Fear![92]

One likes to be done Well by in every Tense – Past, Present, and Future[93]

The Future streams Directly into the Past with Brief Time-outs, “Nows,” for Setting Preferences[94]

Tomorrow is for those who are too much Afraid – to go past Yesterday and start Living for Today[95]

Past, Present and Future are Gathered into a Single Point Before and After which Nothing Exists[96]

I will Live in the Past, the Present, and the Future – the Spirits of all three shall strive Within me[97]

Whatever we do, it Shoulders all Heaven and Earth – all Past, Present and Future[98]

You are To-day what Yesterday you were – To-morrow you shall not be Less[99]

Hear the Voice of the Barde – who Present, Past, and Future Sees[100]

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