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Perpetual Dusk[1]

Black Milk of Daybreak – we Drink at Evening[2]

The Day Longs for the Evening … the Day knows in Spite

Of Everything, that Evening will not Fail: Ancient, Luminous[3]

If you Look East, at Sunset, you can See Night Rising, not Falling –

Darkness Lifting into the Sky, up from the Horizon, like a Black Sun[4]

‘Twere a Cruel Fate, were the Night Too Late to Undo the Work of the Morn[5]

The Hours have Passed with Stealthy Flight – we needs must Part – Good Night, Good

Night … We part in Hopes of Days as Bright as this Gone by – Good Night, Good Night[6]

Night hath Hurl’d Darkness, Love’s Shade, over its enemy the Day, and made the World

Just such a Blind and Shapeless thing as ‘twas before Light did from Darkness spring[7]

The Day is Done, and the Darkness Falls from the Wings of Night,

As a Feather is Wafted Downward from an Eagle in his Flight[8]

Snap the Golden Chain – step Boldly towards the Sunset![9]

Your whole Day is Barely the Start of my Sunset[10]

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