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Queer Genealogy[1]

I’m a Not-Boy – and maybe a Not-Girl[2]

My Gender is in the Mirror speaking back in Shattered Tongues[3]

If an Explorer should come back and Bring Word of other Sexes looking through the

Branches of other Trees at other Skies, nothing would be of greater Service to Humanity[4]

Scarcely a Man’s Voice, but Scarcely a Woman’s Voice either … but What is it Saying?[5]

I, neither a Woman, Happy to be like a Man – nor a Man, Blunt and Flat enough to Feel no Lack[6]

He’s a She. He’s not a He or a She. He’s a He and a She. She-He, He-She Hee! Hee! Hee![7]

Queer: the Open Mesh of Possibilities, Gaps, Overlaps, Dissonances and Resonances,

Lapses and Excesses of Meaning when the Constituent Elements of anyone’s Gender,

Of anyone’s Sexuality Aren’t made (or Can’t be made) to Signify Monolithically[8]

I call myself Bi a Queer tangle of Free-Form dreads[9]

They cannot Nail you to a Pronoun[10]

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