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Speak Yourself Free[1]

Be Harsh as Truth – Uncompromising as Justice[2]

If the Horror of the World were the Truth of the World

There would be No one to Say it and No one to Say it to[3]

In the Dark Times there will also be Singing – about the Dark Times[4]

A Writer must Refuse to allow himself to be Transformed into an Institution[5]

The Point of Art is to Produce Ourselves rather than the Things that Enslave us[6]

Free Men are the Oppressed who make themselves Fit to bear the Responsi-

Bilities, and to Uphold the Disciplines which will Maintain a Free Society[7]

Let my Words, Instead of Endless Litany, be an Index, Unhinging

The Foundations of Every Category and Name Forced upon us[8]

Poets will Re-Write the Bill of Rights in our own Language[9]

The Role of the Artist is to make the Revolution Irresistible[10]

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