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Stark Unprinted Silence[1]

Much Silence has Mighty Noise[2]

In any given Moment Silence is as Important as Sound[3]

Silence is not only the Source of Sound but its Subject, and since the

Speaker’s Acquaintance with it is through himself, it is the Speaker also[4]

The More he Sees the Less he Speaks – the Less he Speaks the More he Hears[5]

The Silent Word is more Palpable than Wood, Wall, Flesh – Invisible Proof of Eden[6]

That’s when you Know you’ve Found somebody really Special: when you

Can just Shut the Fuck up for a Minute and Comfortably Share a Silence[7]

I Stop Speaking to anybody – and that is the Closest I get to Prayer[8]

Silence becomes the Subject the Speaker set out to Be[9]

The Silence accepts the Gift and Awes them[10]

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