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Student of Light[1]

Let me not Shame Sublime Deportments, Drilled

Bright – beckoning Etruscan Invitation – toward Light[2]

Forthwith Light Ethereal – First of Things – Quintessence Pure[3]

Perceiving above the Darkness of Ignorance the Higher Light in the Sun,

As the Higher Light within the Heart, the Bright Source of Light and Life

Among the Gods, we have reached the Highest Light, Yea, the Highest Light[4]

It’s a Question of Seeing so much Clearer – of doing things what Light does to them[5]

There’s always Light if only we’re Brave enough to See it, if only we’re Brave enough to Be it[6]

Gold Light in Blind Love does not Distinguish one Surface from another[7]

Peel Back the Folds over your Heart and Shine into

It the Strongest Light that Streams from your Eyes[8]

Praise Song for Walking Forward in that Light[9]

Light Rays Dissolve Inseparably into You[10]

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