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Suicide as a Sort of Present[1]

Suicide is both so Easy and so Difficult: to Commit to it One

Has to Stamp out this Native Triumphance, either by Training

Oneself to Dehabilitate or Disbelieve it, or by force of Ambush[2]

I know a hundred ways to Die – I’ve often thought I’d Try one:

Lie down beneath a Motor Truck some day when standing by one;

I know some Poison I could Drink I’ve often thought I’d Taste it,

But Mother Bought it for the Sink and Drinking it would Waste it[3]

He Yearns to Know Nothing more about Himself, to Find Peace, to be

Dead … Nothing is left for him but to Snuff himself out, but to Shatter

The Failed Formation of his Life, Toss it at the feet of Snickering Gods[4]

To Be, or Not to Be? That is the Question – to Die, to Sleep – no more –

And by a Sleep to say we End the Heartache – and the Thousand Natural

Shocks that Flesh is Heir to – ‘tis a Consummation Devoutly to be Wished![5]

Why do I Overlive? Why am I Mocked with Death, and Lengthened out to Deathless

Pain? How Gladly would I Meet Mortality, my Sentence, and be Earth Insensible![6]

I Measure every Grief I meet with Narrow, Probing, Eyes – I wonder if it Weighs

Like Mine – or has an Easier Size; I wonder if it Hurts to Live – and if they have

To Try – and whether – could they Choose between – it would not be – to Die[7]

Every time I leave the House, it’s Suicide – and each Return, a Failed attempt[8]

The Sea is Deep, a Knife is Sharp, and a Poison Acid Burns – but they

All bring Rest, they all bring Peace for which the Tired Soul Yearns –

They all bring Rest in a Nothingness from where No Soul Returns[9]

The Skin of my Wrists are so White and Defenseless … what

I Want to Kill is Deeper, more Secret, a lot Harder to get at[10]

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