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Tapestries of Repressed Memories[1]

If Recollecting is Forgetting then I Remember not –

And if Forgetting, Recollecting, how near I had Forgot[2]

Memory Believes before Knowing Remembers – Believes

Longer than Recollects, Longer than Knowing even Wonders[3]

The Mortar which Holds an Improvised Home together is Memory[4]

Each of us Remembers and Forgets in a Pattern Whose Labyrinthine

Windings are an Identification Mark no less Distinct than a Fingerprint[5]

I Trust Memory – the only Archivist to Savor a Passage of Time and Preserve it[6]

You Reclaim Memories – in the form of Brooks Singing Wordlessly[7]

Memory, Native to this Valley, Spreads over it like a Grove, and

Grows into Legend – Legend into Song – Song into Sacrament[8]

Nothing is Forgotten – all is Waiting to be Called Forth[9]

Memory doth stand like Flame Transformed to Marble[10]

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