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The Past Undetonated[1]

Having Misplaced the Past[2]

Nothing is Stale so Long as Yesterday’s Surprise[3]

Visiting Angels Counsel our Poets to Abandon their Past[4]

All of our Yesterdays have Lighted Fools the way to Dusty Death[5]

The Past Disposes of us with Blind Indifference – and once it has moved those

Fragments of itself and of us – it doesn’t bother afterwards how we Spend them[6]

The Myriad Past, it Enters us and Disappears Except that Within it Some-

Where, like Diamonds, Exist the Fragments that Refuse to be Consumed[7]

Those who Cannot Forget the Past are Destined to Remix it[8]

Instead of Possibilities – I have Realities in my Past[9]

Change the Past into your own, Better Likeness[10]

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