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The Pity of War – the Pity War Distills[1]

War: when Money Rolls in and Blood Rolls out

But Blood is Far away from here – Money is Near[2]

The ones who call the Shots won’t be among the Dead

And Lame – and on each End of the Rifle we’re the Same[3]

The Primary aim of Modern Warfare is to use up the Products

Of the Machine – without Raising the general Standards of Living[4]

When the Leaders speak of Peace the common folk know War is coming –

When the leaders Curse War, the Mobilization Order is already Written out[5]

What others may view as a Policy Decision, we see clearly as the Murder of Innocent People[6]

War means Blood Spilling from Living Bodies, means Severed Limbs, Blindness, Terror,

Means Grief, Agony, Orphans, Starvation, prolonged Misery, prolonged Resentment and

Hatred and Guilt, means all of these Multiplied, means Death, Death, Death and Death[7]

What, then, is War? No mere Discord of Flags – but an Infection of the Common Sky[8]

War Wastes what it Wins – ends Worse than it Begins …

Though Tyrant Tyrant Kill – the Slayer Liveth Still[9]

Like it ever Matters which Side of a Fence or War[10]

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